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Size: Acrylic Box 20cm*20cm


Preserved flowers are fresh cut flowers which undergoes a unique preservation process that leave the flowers looking natural by maintaining their original suppleness, shape, brightness and will last for several years if well keep.


How to take care: keep in dry place and avoid sunlight


永生花又叫“永不凋谢的鲜花”。永生花是鲜切花,经过脱水、脱色、烘干、染色等一系列复杂工序加工而成的干花, 永生花无论是色泽、形状、手感几乎与鲜花无异,它保持了鲜花的特质,且颜色更为丰富、用途更高、保存时间至少2年.



Blooms In Box - Preserved Flowers