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PVC ball size: 30cm

Bouquet size: L

Soap flower bouquet Long lasting bouquet香皂花束 (可长久收藏不会枯萎)這裡的花朵都是香皂作的喔!將香皂原料溶漿後作成香皂 布,將香皂切片、壓膜、手工香皂塑型,完成一朵朵花型後再設計成香皂玫瑰花束,還有淡淡的花香。Soap flower is long lasting, each individual flower is packed full of beautiful floral scents. They’re great room décor – they come in so many colour options so they will most likely suit your room style.

Bubble Garden - Soap Flower Bouquet with LED

  • 波波球迷你花园花束 - 香皂花艺



    Bubble Garden - Soap Flower arrangement

    Pairing a glamorous gold with an innocent soft pink creates the most romantic color combination.

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