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永生蒲公英花艺(是真的蒲公英)Preserved natural Dandelion Arrangement赶快送上文青风满满的蒲公英给你珍视的他。蒲公英花轻盈美丽,它的花语含义有“无法停留的爱、自信、勇敢、坚持不懈”等,也能够象征着开朗和随缘的个性。Preserved Natural Dandelion ArrangementDandelion leaves have been used to cure many illnesses and pains, but as a flower symbol, dandelion is the symbol of emotional healing. Since they can endure almost any living condition, they represent overcoming every hardship by standing strong and proud.

Dandelion Keychain - Preserved Flowers

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    You can reach us on 0105200900 and our sales staff will be happy to assist you.

    If you are looking for a specific colour for your flower gifts, please do not hesitate to let us know and we can customise your bouquet or arrangement according to the special colour. You can send us a picture of the colour/shade you are looking for and our experienced florists will aim to create the perfect flower gift with the colour you have provided.

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