Gemini Special ♊️ 21May - 21 June Preserved Yellow Rose Gold Handed Pot

至双子座♊️ 21/5 - 21/6 永生黄玫瑰花盆


双子座的代表色是黄色,能够给他们带来幸运的颜色。 黄色永生玫瑰能让双子座能够时刻保持清醒的头脑。 他们做任何一件事之前,都会权衡利弊,都会把所有的可能性给顾及到。 正是因为如此,跟各式各样的人打交道的双子座才能够在人生道路获得大成功。

This inspiring and life-giving color shines through in Gemini's exciting, upbeat nature. Mimicking the warm Sun, preserved yellow rose lightens and brightens everything around it. As the color of the mind and the intellect, yellow enhances Gemini's mental powers and focus.



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Gemini Special - Preserved Yellow Rose Gold Handle Pot

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