Soap flower bouquet Long lasting bouquet
香皂花束 (可长久收藏不会枯萎)

這裡的花朵都是香皂作的喔!將香皂原料溶漿後作成香皂 布,將香皂切片、壓膜、手工香皂塑型,完成一朵朵花型後再設計成香皂玫瑰花束,還有淡淡的花香。

Soap flower is long lasting, each individual flower is packed full of beautiful floral scents. They’re great room décor – they come in so many colour options so they will most likely suit your room style.

Pastel Bloom - Soap Flower bouquet

  • Soap flowers are artificial flowers that have been made with soap ingredients, meaning that they will last forever. Soap flowers come in many different colours, shapes, and sizes that cannot be recreated with real flowers, and have no risk of shattering or tearing, making them ideal for intricate arrangements.


    香皂花,香皂做成各种花形花朵型系列,包括有:玫瑰花,梅花,郁金香,荷花,康乃馨,栀子花等,香皂花的一种。 香皂花造型逼真,美观,可以当作装饰品,也可当赠送亲友的礼品,具备高度的可观赏性的同时具备高实用性,特别适合做礼品及赠品,给家庭增添一分浪漫情趣。